ESP - The Enterprise Support Partnership

I'm putting the finishing touches to plans for an exciting new network which will launch in April -

If you're running an existing business, you know the challenge of staying focussed and staying positive. If you are just starting out, you'll soon discover exactly what I mean. The most empowering step you can take is to be in touch with a group of kindred spirits who can understand your frustrations and celebrate your breakthroughs.

And - whether the Internet is the lynch-pin of your operation, or just another mechanism for gathering customers for a more traditional business - you'll know that it's a constantly shifting landscape. The techniques that worked last month could prove disastrous next week! Wouldn't it be great if you had a steady stream of updates to let you know the state of the art?

Here is what I'll be offering in the ESP:

A community of Entrepreneurs

It can sometimes be lonely for those who choose to step out from the common herd and build a business of their own. Your family and your friends may not share your vision and your dreams. Perhaps that's because they fear that your success would be a standing rebuke to their choice to remain in the rat-race, or maybe it's because their instinct is to protect you from the disappointment that they see as inevitiable.

Either way, such attitudes can be hugely disempowering, and can sap your will and enthusiasm at the times you need it most. Your greatest strength will come from others who have decided to strike out on a path of freedom and prosperity, and who have faced and overcome the same challenges you face.

You'll be able to join the discussions in the members' area of the site, and meet them in person at the twice-yearly seminars.

Monthly teleconferences with world-class experts

On top of the free education covering all the basics at and, you'll want to expand your grasp of the finer points of internet and general business techniques. To support you in that, I'll be hosting a monthly teleconference with a major figure in the industry who will share the the latest developments in their own specialist area of expertise. You'll have the opportunity to put your questions to them and get the benefit of their wisdom.

And if you can't make it onto the call in real-time because of some scheduling conflict, you'll be able to catch up with the audio recording and the transcript that we make available.

Archive of past interviews

The member's area of the site will include a growing archive of all the previous teleconferences - a world-class educational resource that you can tap into to supercharge your business development.

Your questions answered

Anytime you're stumped on an internet or marketing issue, you can post the question up and - one way or another - I guarantee we'll find the answer for you.

Breaking news

As you know - the internet is a constantly changing landscape. The next time Google moves the goalposts, or some new technique hits the streets, wouldn't you love to be amongst the first to hear about it?

Massive discounts to twice-yearly seminars

At least twice a year we'll be holding a live event where you'll get up-to-the-minute instruction on a range of business, marketing and internet topics. These will also be a great opportunity to network, to make new friends, to find potential customers for your own services, and to build alliances with future joint-venture partners. The first of these will be in June this year.

Members of the ESP will get a massive 80% discount off seminar seats, from the price offered to the general public.

And that's not all...

I'll be constantly brainstorming to think of new features to add, to give you even more value from your membership.

How you can get a three-month trial membership at no risk to yourself:

I want to make sure that the club has the critical mass of members from the word go when I launch it at the end of March. Now I realise that there's a dilemma here - without existing members, there's not much to be a part of!

So, here's what I'm proposing to break that vicious circle:

I'm offering Charter Membership to the first two hundred who come on board. These will get a full three months in which to experience and evaluate the benefits of membership for a purely nominal fee of £9.97. If you decide it's not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time during that period and not pay a penny more.

You would of course keep any of the audio recordings, transcripts, or other materials that you'd received in the course of the trial membership. And if you'd booked into the June seminar at the members' rate, you'd still be entitled to attend at the discounted price.

And you don't even need to bear the risk of the £9.97 trial-membership fee! If at the end of the three months, you can tell me with a straight face that you didn't even get £10 worth of value, I'll gladly give you a full refund without quibble or hesitation.

Not only that, but Charter Members will get a Lifetime price lock-in. Just like anything else, you can expect the price of membership to rise over time - not only because of inflation, but in this case because the amount of content will increase cumulatively. Charter Members will get a guarantee of being able to keep their fees at the original level for as long as they remain in the group.

Once the two hundred Charter memberships have been taken, the list will be closed and latecomers will only be able to join on normal terms.

If you want to avoid the risk of missing out, you can register for advance notification with the form below. Then you'll get a tip-off that membership has opened 24 hours before I announce it to the general public.

Of course filling in this form doesn't place you under any obligation to become a Charter Member - it just gives you the option to decide at the time, without having to worry that you might miss the chance by being slow off the mark.


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An added bonus: as my 'thank-you' to you for considering becoming part of my community, I'll send you the 92-page transcript of a day-long seminar I hosted a little while ago, with a wealth of tips on setting up your own business, and instruction on core techniques for an effective web presence. This will be yours to keep with my compliments, regardless of whether you join the ESP or not.

Please check your mailbox for an email with instructions for getting your transcript of the seminar.

I respect your privacy. I will not pass your details on to any other parties. Why would I do that? It would only cause bad feeling, and I hate spam as much as you do. You can remove yourself from my list at any time and you will never hear from me again.

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